Tuesday, September 4, 2007


While my ship was in Tortuga resupplying, I saw a poster for "Magras' Marvelous Menagerie." I had never heard the name Magras in this shadow before, so I was intrigued. Maybe it was my errant big brother...and if not, at least it promised to be entertaining. I took some of my crew, along with Harrison, my current "cabin boy." The normal show was entertaining, and during the performance, a dwarf approached with a pair of tickets for a "special performance." I decided to attend with Harrison. If I was unsure beforehand whether or not it was Magras, he confirmed it when he intimated I was a prostitute to the whole audience, and then took Harrison as a volunteer for his performance. It was entrancing, and after sending Harrison on his way, shaken but no worse for wear, I hopped up on stage to say hello. Magras was his usual self, although he did invite me to join him when the menagerie left after their next performance. I told him I would think about it.

We set sail the next morning, while I contemplated whether I would continue on to another shadow with Magras. I had been stuck here, but the menagerie offered me the opportunity to move the chest, and move on. But family, even such family as Magras, implied a responsibility I'm still not sure I want to take on.

A couple hours out of port, we spied another ship, heavy with plunder, and decided to take her on. As usual, I joined in the battle, eager to escape the decision I had to make. I made it over to the enemy ship, where I encountered quite a surprise. I heard a voice saying *my* name, not merely the one I had assumed in this shadow. I turned to see if perhaps I had been mistaken, and recognized my dear Hanu captaining the ship. I rushed through the battle to hug him, being mindful of that damned jacket, and called off my men. He did so as well, although his companion did not appreciate our reunion. They had a heated conversation, and she threatened me at one point. I decided to spring a little surprise on my dear brother, and invited Hanu back to Tortuga to watch his show. I also had my crew bring my chest to the caravan, in case I decided to leave with him. Turned out, it was a bit of foresight.

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