Friday, August 31, 2007

The Items

As a child, I had done a little research on Aunt Anne, my only saving grace with my history tutor. Otherwise, I think I would still be sitting with that awful woman. Turns out good ol' Aunt Anne was a pirate! I leaned in to see if there was something hidden in the chest, and while I was feeling around in the bottom, I fell in, and the lid shut. It was then that I discovered the dual properties of the chest I would come to love.

I thought I'd been turned around at first, as the lid seemed to now be on my side. When I pushed it open, I fell out of a dumbwaiter in another shadow! When I hit the floor of the laundry I had entered, clouds of steam rose up from the water puddled there.

When I pulled the map out of my pocket to check it, I started sneezing uncontrollably.

When I emptied my pouch on the counter, one of the keys turned a set of gold earrings I had in there to lead.

After some experimentation, I determined that each of the items of Aunt Anne's that I had taken from the chest had some sort of weird property - from the mundane (a pair of pantalettes that let me tell time) to the truly bizarre (a dead parrot that would empty out the contents of my stomach when I squeezed it). I also managed to figure out how to get back; if I go back into a chest, or drawer, or cabinet, I end up in the chest again.

Life just got a whole lot more interesting.

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