Friday, September 7, 2007

It returns...

Hanu and I went to Magras' performance again the next night. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to leave, so the three of us talked while the menagerie started to break down. Then, it began. The world started to disappear. Just like before. The Nothing. The Destroyer of Worlds.

Magras hurried us into the caravan, when I realized that Harrison was still back at the ship. I wouldn't be able to save everyone, but I could at least try and save him. I ran back to the docks, and was picked up on the way by Hanu, riding his serpent. When we got there, only half the ship was still in existence, and it was being boarded by primals, who had set it ablaze. Everyone on the ship was dead. Hanu tried to hold off the primals, and I ran back to the serpent, which then picked him up. As we were flying away, several primal hounds arrived as well. They sniffed the air, as if tracking something, and took off after us.

I held tight to Hanu as we fled, watching the world I had called home for so long destroyed. As we followed the caravan, each shadow more and more different than before, still it followed. I had to get away...away from the destruction, away from the crushing emptiness of it all. I jumped off the serpent and ran into the wagon where my chest was, crawling inside.

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